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How to Get the Most Out of Your Home Inspection

A smart home inspection can reveal important information about the home and its condition to help you make an informed purchasing decision as a first-time home buyer.

It would be hard to detect potentially life-threatening conditions such as mold infestation or faulty wires that could cause a fire without thoroughly going through a house.

After an inspection, you’ll get a rough idea of how much it would cost to get the house ready for occupation. And, when you return to the offer table, this can be a great bargaining chip.

To ensure your home inspection goes as smoothly as possible, we’ve prepared a list of eight things to keep in mind.

1. Find the Right Inspector

When it comes to finding your inspector, let their experience in the industry guide you. Read their reviews online or ask for referrals from your networks.

An experienced inspector will know how to navigate every property nook and cranny to determine if there’s any need for concern.

2. Personally Hire a Home Inspector

You’ll be liable for any problem that arises because your inspector didn’t do their job properly. That’s why it’s great to vet your inspector personally and carefully.

A great way to vet their experience is to ask them for a sample report. The report will show you just how thorough they’re at their job.

 3. Attend the Inspection and Have a List of Questions

Although it’s perfectly fine for your inspector to do an initial walkthrough of the property alone, be sure to walk through the home with them as they do the main inspection.

Also, it’s best to avoid inspectors reluctant to let you walk through the home with them. It shows they’re not going to do a thorough job.

Having a list of questions ready can also help you better understand the property.

Ask about the condition of the:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Roof
  • Home insulation
  • HVAC system
  • Exterior drainage and
  • Structure of the property

4. Take Time With the Inspection

A typical home inspection takes one to three hours. Be sure to ask your home inspector about the time expectations so that you set aside enough time to attend the inspection.

5. Take This Opportunity to Learn

Because this is potentially your new home, it would be best to find out as much as possible about it. You can ask how the furnace works, for example, or the type of humidity the house needs.

Is there a sump pump in the property, how does it work, and where are the main water shut-offs located?

All this knowledge will give you peace of mind once you move into the property as a first-time home buyer.

6. Make a List of Costs

A list of potential home repairs and items that need to be addressed will give you a better idea of your final house budget as a first-time home buyer.

7. Take Results Seriously and Ask for Follow-Ups

Your home inspection will get you a concise inspection report two to three days after the inspection.

Go through the report and write down a list of concerns you need clarification on. You can then call the inspector and have everything cleared up.

8. Get Referrals for the Best Handy Workers

If you decide to make an offer and a home that would need a bit of fixing up, knowing where to start with your repairs can be overwhelming. For example, do you do the roofing first, the plumbing, or the electrical? 

But making a plan for the repairs and working with the right handy worker can make things go smoothly.

Because home inspectors are in the building industry, they have a wealth of knowledge on who does a shoddy job and is excellent at fixing homes. So ask them to set you up with some excellent handy workers.

Additionally, an estimated repair cost can get you a better deal on the house.

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