Navigating the Mortgage Renewal Maze

Insights from Edmonton Mortgage Broker Sandra Forscutt

As an experienced mortgage broker with Metro Mortgage Group in Edmonton, Alberta, Sandra Forscutt has helped countless Canadians successfully navigate the complexities of mortgage renewals. With the current economic climate and the potential for further interest rate changes, it’s more important than ever for homeowners to be proactive and informed when it comes to their mortgage renewal.

Understanding the Mortgage Market Landscape

According to Forscutt, the current mortgage market is characterized by uncertainty and volatility. “We’ve seen a series of interest rate hikes over the past year, and there’s a possibility of further increases or even cuts in the future,” she explains. “This creates a challenging environment for homeowners who are facing mortgage renewal.” 

Forscutt advises her clients to stay up-to-date on economic trends and their potential impact on mortgage rates. “Monitoring the market and being prepared for potential changes can help you make the best decision for your financial situation,” she says.

Key Considerations for Mortgage Renewal

Estimating the New Mortgage Payment : “It’s important to calculate the impact of higher rates on your monthly costs and adjust your budget accordingly,” Forscutt says. “This will help you determine if you need to explore options like extending your amortization to keep your payments manageable.”

Securing a Rate Hold: “Locking in a rate before your renewal date can be a smart move, but you’ll need to weigh the benefits against any potential penalties,” Forscutt advises. “A mortgage professional can help you navigate this process.”

Exploring Shorter-Term Mortgages: “In a volatile market, a shorter mortgage term can provide more flexibility and potentially better rates,” Forscutt explains. “However, you’ll need to carefully consider the trade-offs and your long-term financial goals.”

Avoiding Common Renewal Pitfalls

Forscutt also cautions homeowners against several common mistakes during the mortgage renewal process:

“Not shopping around for the best rates and terms is a common pitfall,” she says. “It’s crucial to compare offers from multiple lenders to ensure you’re getting the best deal.”

“Waiting until the last minute to start the renewal process can limit your options and put you in a weaker negotiating position,” Forscutt warns. “It’s best to start the process several months in advance.”

By working with an experienced mortgage professional like Sandra Forscutt, Canadians can navigate the mortgage renewal maze with confidence and secure a mortgage that aligns with their long-term financial goals.